Does your homeowner's policy cover earthquakes? Most don't Learn about why you might consider earthquake insurance

Nov 6, 2013. Studies show one to three magnitude 3. 0 earthquakes or larger In the interim, the advice of Oklahoma Insurance. Commissioner John Doak to 

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At this time, Allstate does not offer earthquake insurance. However, our homeowners insurance protects you and your property in the event of fire, explosion, 

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Nov 8, 2011 The Oklahoma Insurance Department has developed a Web page at with information. on earthquake preparedness and response, including  Nov 18, 2013 viviannguyen / Flickr Seismologists at the U. S. Geological Survey recently warned that the ongoing. earthquake swarm in central-Oklahoma is 

Earthquakes can happen in Oklahoma - earthquake insurance can you're. you protect your home and your family when catastrophe strikes. Hilton Agency. can  Oct 31, 2013. A week after. the U S Geological Survey warned of increased earthquake risk in central Oklahoma, possibly because of oil and gas activity, 
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Nov 14, 2013 As you know, the Oklahoma City area. has seen a record number of I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea if earthquake insurance is a good idea or 

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Jul 14, 2011. OAA was started in Oklahoma in late 2000. as a Strategic Master Agency of. has left many Oklahomans asking. about earthquake coverage Nov 18, 2013. Insurance companies will not sell earthquake coverage to Oklahoma homeowners. for 30 to 60 days after a quake due to the likelihood of 

Having the right Oklahoma home insurance is crucial - do you have the right (. i e Jewelry Insurance); Flood Insurance policies; Earthquake insurance policies   Oklahoma Insurance Commssioner John D Doak talks about insurance coverage in light of Oklahoma's recent earthquakes. For more information. about how to  Aug 9, 2012 One was centered in Virginia, and another in Oklahoma, which was that state's largest earthquake in modern times, according to the Oklahoma 
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Oct 28, 2013. (AP) — This central Oklahoma town of 2,400 claims two things as its own: The Reneaus, who had earthquake insurance, rebuilt their house 

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2 days. ago Oklahoma isn't the only state now. dealing with earthquake swarms The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner has. urged state residents to get  Jan 3, 2014. As a result, the Oklahoma insurance commissioner is urging residents to buy insurance policies that include earthquake coverage while 

Jan 6, 2013 OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak says a small earthquake in southern Oklahoma should prompt  Free Quote for auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance and much more Call 580-332-5181 or. visit us http://www. thompsonagency. org
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Nov 5, 2013 Oklahoma earthquake insurance has been available and affordable in Oklahoma for a number of year, but is considered additional coverage

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Nov 11, 2013 In Edmond, Oklahoma earthquakes. measuring between M2 2 and. M3. 3. neighborhood purchased earthquake insurance to cover any future  M3 5 - OKLAHOMA Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 3 5 Date-Time 9 Jan 2014 03:26:53 UTC 8 Jan 2014 21:26:53 near epicenter 8 Jan 2014 

Mar 5, 2013 Earthquakes can happen anywhere. Earthquake insurance is an affordable way to. protect your home and provide peace of mind. Sep 27, 2012. What is your home worth? USAA financial professional Scott Halliwell. says it depends on who is asking and what they want to know.
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Aug 28, 2013 A typical Oklahoma homeowner might expect to pay $100 and $150 a year for earthquake coverage, according to the Oklahoma Insurance 

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Oct 14, 2010 In fact, 2010 has been a banner year for Oklahoma earthquakes In Kansas, my wife's parents carried earthquake insurance on their house in 

Only 17% of California 's homeowners have earthquake insurance. Are the rest in denial--or making a rational choice? Nov 5, 2011. My inbox overfloweth with earthquake notices from Oklahoma last night Texans cannot get earthquake insurance. so you are on your own

And, on August 23, 2011, the East. Coast of the US was hit by a 5. 8 earthquake. The latest upheaval. was the 5. 6 Oklahoma earthquake that. struck the state on 

Nov 12, 2013. Central Oklahoma homeowners whose houses shook from recent earthquakes may be surprised to learn they'll have to wait a month or two if 

Nov 5, 2011 This. 5. 6 was the largest earthquake recorded in Oklahoma's history, and. ago …acquired earthquake insurance. 18 mos ago and it was cheap 

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4 days. ago Kansas is one of five states least likely to experience earthquake damage Many of those recent quakes have occurred in Oklahoma, where a fracking boom is. recently encouraged residents. to buy earthquake insurance.

Aug 30, 2011. Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger said today that recent earthquakes in Oklahoma and out east have elevated people's awareness, and  Earthquake coverage is excluded from homeowners' policies and other property insurance policies Although earthquake coverage can be purchased, it will be  Dec 2, 2013 It's become a predictable routine at Matt Pryor's insurance agency:. An earthquake rumbles through Oklahoma, rattling dishes and nerves
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Earthquakes, which the state occasionally suffers, also are typically. excluded from standard Oklahoma home insurance policies Find more information about 

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Nov 9, 2011 Many Oklahoma insurance agents say homeowners are now inquiring about earthquake insurance The Earthquake insurance professionals at Brown-Hiller-Clark & Associates in Fort Smith, Arkansas and Oklahoma will outline your protection options Plus 

Aug 10, 2013 Are You Insured Against Earthquakes. And Sinkholes (Land earthquakes in. Texas and a 5 6 magnitude earthquake in Oklahoma, and these  Dec 25, 2013 An earthquake rattled residents in central Oklahoma on Christmas Eve American homeowners have earthquake insurance, compared with  Dec 13, 2013. Oklahoma has never been known as earthquake country, with a yearly. accustomed to tornadoes and hail. are buying earthquake insurance

Discussions during Collective Reflection II in Oklahoma City emphasized the In California, insurance demand increases for earthquake insurance after a 

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Liability is the only coverage required by the State of Oklahoma. This coverage pays Earthquake insurance and flood insurance. can be purchased separately

Iowa. » Minnesota. » Nebraska » North. Dakota. » Oklahoma Although research has shown a high correlation. between earthquakes and. In the meantime, worried Oklahomans are. starting to turn to earthquake insurance.

Nov 8, 2011 Well, the first thing to know is that most home insurance. policies do not include earthquake coverage The Oklahoman quotes. a source with 
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Nov 6, 2011 A series of cool fronts continue to move across Oklahoma this week in earthquake insurance almost immediately following Saturday night's 

Dec 8, 2013 OKLAHOMA CITY. —A 4 5-magnitude earthquake shook residents in central Chip Chipman said he's glad. he has earthquake insurance.

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Nov 6, 2013 A pair of earthquakes that rattled. central Oklahoma late Monday and a bill that would require insurance companies to proactively let residents  Don't Get Caught With Insufficient Earthquake Coverage. Fortunately, earthquake insurance in Oklahoma isn't nearly as expensive as it would be if you were to 

May 23, 2013 You may also get it elsewhere, such as from the FEMA-administered National. Flood Insurance Program, or the California Earthquake Authority How to File an Earthquake Insurance Claim If you have sustained damage to your house in an earthquake, you are likely anxious to begin fixing your home and  Dec 26, 2013 Earthquakes have become more common in Oklahoma in the past several. activity has more residents considering earthquake insurance.
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My research says the cost of living is higher in the OKC metro than it is in Wichita What gives? Most people in Oklahoma don't. carry earthquake insurance.

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Apartment Building Owners Insurance Quote Earthquake Insurance? Note: By submitting this form you understand that no coverage is bound until you  Nov 7, 2011 Oklahoma typically had about 50. earthquakes a year until 2009 laughed at the idea of buying earthquake insurance, although the weekend 

Nov 9, 2013 Insurance News The Big Deadline For. Coverage Is March 31 > "Today's earthquake is not unprecedented in central Oklahoma The area  Watch California Earthquake. breaking news videos Browse  Dec 30, 2013. OKLAHOMA CITY. -- The U S Geological Survey says a 4 1 magnitude earthquake. Geophysicist Randy Baldwin at the USGS Earthquake Information Center in Golden, Colo. , I ought to get some Earthquake insurance 5
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